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A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair

How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair for Work from Home?

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What was supposed to be temporary becomes a reality for many workers: full-time or in hybrid mode, the office invites itself into the home never to leave. This change imposes an adequate reorganization of the living spaces, with the headache which accompanies it, in particular as regards the ergonomic chair at home. But how can we find the right type of office chair? That's the question.

After consulting medical professionals and ergonomic experts, we wrote this blog post to help you find the best ergonomic office chair to fit your home office setup.


What is an ergonomic chair?

Unlike a traditional chair, the ergonomic office chair helps adapt the body's morphology, avoiding the inconvenience associated with long sitting. Thanks to it, it is possible to vary the postures, while continuing to work in good conditions of comfort. Designed for this purpose, the ergonomic chair follows each movement of users, in particular through a skilfully thought-out mechanism.


Why choose an ergonomic chair? 

The purpose of an ergonomic office chair is to prevent health problems related to musculoskeletal disorders and to improve your posture through quick and easy adjustments. To achieve such a goal, the height of the chair, the position of the backrest, and the armrests should be controlled by easy-to-use levers or wheels.

All these settings are only intended to better take into account common health problems with an office chair. Nevertheless, these come at a price, since regardless of the product concerned, an ergonomic office chair is always more expensive than a simple chair with wheels.


How to choose the best ergonomic chair?

You will find many chairs on the market that claim to be ergonomic, but in fact, they do not meet all the required standards. If you are planning to invest in an ergonomic office chair, make sure you consider the following points to benefit from the best ergonomics.

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  • The adjustable lumbar support is probably the most important adjustment. It is the roundness of the backrest for some or the lumbar hollow for others. As we are all of the variable sizes, it must be able to position itself at the level of the lumbar. Nothing like being perfectly maintained on the back.
    There are three different systems: the entire backrest is adjustable (not top), a slider is movable behind the fixed backrest, or an inflatable lumbar cushion. The latter is by far the most effective one because the intensity of the support can be adjusted gradually throughout the day.
  • The adjustable armrests allow the forearms to be placed in line with the worktop. Certainly, many people prefer to put their forearms on the work surface. Both alternatives are valid, the most important is not to have the arms suspended. If they are adjustable in width and depth, the armrests can be adjusted for smaller people.
    If they are adjustable in angulation, they adapt perfectly to the natural angle of the forearms in front of his keyboard. Having all these adjustments on the same pair of armrests, called " 4D armrests", is not common, but having them is more than a lot better, believe me!
  • The adjustment of seat depth is notable. Too deep, the user will move forward on the edge to leave space behind the knees. Too short, the user will slide forward. Adjusting the seat in depth allows you to be well-positioned in the bottom of the seat to be in contact with the lumbar support, and to be able to pass two to three fingers behind the knees to promote blood circulation.
  • The headrest is often considered superfluous. But a recent study has shown that resting for a few minutes, every 2 hours, on the headrest, relieved the spine – from the cervical to the lumbar – and the shoulders from the weight of the head. The very good ergonomic headrest or cervical support must be adjustable in height, depth, and inclination (3D headrest) to adapt to different morphologies and cervical curvatures.
  • The various adjustment mechanisms of the seat allow it to follow the movement of the body and adapt to its form. In this sense, the mechanism to control the backrest and the tilt of the seat is the first thing to consider before buying.


3 best ergonomic office chairs for working from home

There are many ergonomic desk chairs on the market. They are available in several models and of all brands. Here are three office chairs we've tested over time and selected as the most ergonomic to help improve body posture, reduce pain, and keep you focused throughout the day.


Our top pick: UE Ergonomic Chair

The UE Ergonomic Chair is the best ergonomic office chair because it has different dimensions from its competitors, it will suit all sizes and can support up to 150kg. Indeed on the 50 cm wide and 52cm deep seats, you will have your buttocks wedged on a high-density foam 8 cm thick. You can also choose the level of it: between 45 and 54.5 cm from the ground.

UE Ergonomic Chair


The backrest of the UE Ergonomic Chair is quite pleasant, it largely encompasses the whole back with its height of 85 cm and its breathable mesh. This texture, which is new to the brand, is a real innovation, it's very airy and comfortable. Make no mistake about it, it's a chair made for work from home, with its inclination between 95 and 130° there is no question of tilting completely to allow yourself some rest.

On the other hand, you can adapt it completely to your back, thanks to the fully adjustable lumbar support (up/down and forward/back). If we add to this the 2D adjustable headrest, we have total support for the cervical, shoulder, and lumbar muscles. 

On the accessories side, the armrests can vary by 7 cm, but they are 2D (only adjustable in height). The wheels its nylon and non-slip pads, they are very pleasant, but they wear out faster than average. On the assembly side, no particular problem if you are a bit of a handyman, in any case, take the time to assemble each element in the direction that falls to it. 


Runner-up: Hbada E-series Ergonomic Chair

The second ergonomic office chair that we submit for your consideration is the Hbada E-series Ergonomic Chair. It is indeed a chair that offers excellent value for money and offers flexibility.

With this ergonomic desk chair, you have the possibility of modifying the back height or the position of the lumbar support. The 4D armrests allow you to adjust them by height (up-down), width (left-right), as well as rotate them around their axis. The backrest of this armchair measures 85 cm and also includes a headrest which is placed on it.

The seat as far as it is concerned is 52 cm in width and you have the possibility of adjusting the height of the seat between 45 and 55 cm high. 

It can support 150 kg at most. You can tilt the backrest up to 90, 105, 120, or 135° according to your body movements or during your moments of entertainment. It has a retractable footrest to help relieve the pressure on the foot. The coating is made of 100% polyester mesh fabric and is both comfortable and breathable.

Sold as a kit, this device can be assembled by yourself. Note, however, that its installation is not as complex. The wheels of the chair are of very good quality and do not make noise. 

Hbada E-series Ergonomic Chair

Best budget: Hbada Office Chair - Diamond 

Designed in a Y-shape, the Hbada Office Chair - Diamond allows you to benefit from a central seat while providing support in the backrest for comfort. It has an S-style seat back to help you keep the correct sitting posture during long hours of sitting. In addition to having great padding, it is made of corrosion-resistant mesh fabric that not only allows air to circulate well but also promotes the elimination of perspiration. 

The Hbada Office Chair has 3 adjustment configurations with which you are sure to find the ideal and most comfortable position to enjoy the greatest support. Finally, taking into account the possibility of changing seat height as well as armrests, we can say that you will only have in return the most unequaled comfort you dream of.

Hbada office chair diamond white

The right position to adopt on an ergonomic chair

If the choice of a good ergonomic office chair influences the health and comfort of the body while sitting, it does not compensate for all the bad habits of a user. Indeed, by dint of spending time on the same seat, it is inevitable to pick up bad habits, which have the effect of the consequent disorders which we mentioned before.

Therefore, to put an end to all these possible risks, it is better not to underestimate the adjustment of the ergonomic office chair. As such, there are certain immutable rules to follow to ensure a comfortable sitting position.

First of all, the feet must always be placed flat on the ground and above all not hang in the air. At the same time, the thighs and forearms should be in a horizontal position, while the elbows are supposed to respect an angle of 90 degrees with them. As for the back, it must be supported by the back of the seat, as well as the neck and the rest of the head.

This is only the optimal position, even if it is recommended to vary it regularly to relieve the various pressure points. Also, make sure to get up regularly during the day, even at work, as this stimulates blood circulation and protects against possible thrombosis.


Some more tips from experts:

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