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Best 5 Leather Office Chair in 2022

Leather Office Chair – Buying Guide and Ranking in 2022

When you spend most of your time sitting at your desk, you need to choose a chair that will give you optimal feelings of comfort. Before asking yourself the question of which is the best leather office chair on the market, you will need to know that you will have to look into some very specific selection parameters. Only the equipments that can meet your expectations will make you benefit from them.

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If you don't have time to browse our buying guide, we recommend the top-rated models from our selection. The Pinyi Executive Chair stands for the quality of its manufacturing material and its many settings which can be easily adjusted according to the morphology of the users. The Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair, meanwhile, is the best leather office chair for gamers. Added to its particular design are ease of assembly and seating comfort that minimizes any fatigue.

Comparable table:


Pinyi Executive Chair

Pinyi Executive Chair-Top Pick

NouHaus Leather Chair

NouHaus Leather Chair


Aneira Genuine Leather Task Chair

Aneira Genuine Leather Task Chair

Upper Square Leaman Executive Chair

Upper Square Leaman Executive Chair

Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair

Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair








Colors: black only

Material: PU leather, white goose feather and cotton filled chair back, aluminum

Color: black, taupe, white

Material: PU leather, foam, HD Nylon

Color: Cocoa leather, Coffee leather

Material: Genuine Leather, foam, manufactured wood

Color: Chrome, gold, rose gold, black

Material: Faux Leather, foam, metal

Color: Green only

Material: PU-leather, foam


l  Wide tilting angles with lock-in option

l  The chair back is filled up with white goose feather and high-quality cotton

l  Easy to assemble

l  Adjustable lumbar

l  Adjustable armrests

l  135 degree tilt tension

l  Genuine leather

l  Retro industrial design

l  Waterfall seat

l  CAL 117 fire retardant foam

l  High-grade PU leather

l  5 tilt angle options from 90 degrees to 155 degrees.

l  Adjustable armrests


l  Only black is available

l  The lumbar support is too low

l  The seat tilts forward and becomes uncomfortable after an hour

l  Difficult to assemble

l  The chair is uneven, which tilts more on one side.

l  It makes a squeaking noise when using it.

l  This chair makes an annoying sound

l  Easy to break

l  The chair is a little bit narrow

Pinyi Executive Chair - the best ergonomic office chair

This Pinyi Executive Chair stands out from its peers firstly by the quality of its design structure and its padding.
Pinyi Executive Chair
While many chair backs are essentially made of high-density sponge, Pinyi Executive Chair back is filled with the goose feather and cotton, in order to provide maximum comfort to its user. Unlike 100% down filling, the mix of feather and cotton not only provides a comfortable and luxurious site but also guarantees fluffy feathers. Back worries and lower back pain are quickly resolved even if you plan to spend hours in your gear.
Both the overall height and the seat height are adjustable to suit your needs. You can also choose the inclination of the backrest and lock it in a certain position if necessary. With an aluminum base, its base is lightweight but durable making it the perfect choice.

HowNouHaus Leather Chair - A good office chair for not a lot of money

If you have not yet decided which model to buy, you can first take a look at the characteristics of the HowNouHaus Leather Chair. Designed with ergonomics in mind, this leather desk chair features ample padding for people who work for hours in an office and precisely on a computer.


HowNouHaus Leather Chair

This modern leather chair has black, taupe, and white colors to choose from. Using Click5 Lumbar Support, HowNouHaus Leather Chair is ergonomic and gives you 5-Stages of Lumbar Support for secure comfort.
You can choose with arms or no arms. It offers comfort and support when you need it. You also have the possibility of modifying its main height to make it pass under your desk in case you want to store it between two uses. To offer you the maximum comfort, you can count on the seat which can rotate 360°.

Aneira Genuine Leather Task Chair - A leather office chair with standout looks

This brown leather office chair in leather and wood stands out for the particularity of its design. Indeed, it presents an attractive appearance at the first glance. And it can easily adapt to all styles of decoration and brings a touch of vintage industrial to its environment.

Aneira Genuine Leather Task Chair

You can easily adjust the height of the seat according to your morphology. It is then easy to adapt it with its size if the worktop may prove to be too high or too low. All you have to do is lock it in a suitable position in which you can find complete satisfaction during its use.
Leather is the main component of the modern leather chair. The designers have fitted the armrests with them to optimize the comfort of all parts of the body. Made from metal in a vintage distressed finish, the 5-star base is set on casters and can swivel a full 360° so you can wheel about your office with ease.

The designers have fitted the armrests with them to optimize the comfort of all parts of the body. These are removable, but also adjustable according to your needs.
However, some users claimed that the chair is narrower than they thought it would be.

Upper Square Leaman Executive Chair - a cheap leather office chair

The Upper Square Leaman Executive Chair is a cheap item from our selection. However, its cost does not affect the quality of its manufacturing material.
And also, it made a squeaking noise when sitting on the chair.
 Upper Square Leaman Executive
Comfort has been optimized by the manufacturers with the design of an ergonomic backrest that perfectly matches all body types. With its leather upholstery and padding on all points, convenience is guaranteed.
With a tilt tension adjustment knob, you can lean back while you take a nap or lock in an upright position when it’s time to focus.
But there are some complaints in product review, which indicate that the chair makes an annoying sound whenever people move. And the tilt is off-balance since it’s only leaning to the right side when you tilt back.

Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair - Best leather office chair for gamers

This ergonomic gaming chair has a racing look and an eye-catching sports color. It is made of imitation and the padding is 8cm. The height adjusts to 10cm and its backrest is wide, well suited for people with wide backs.
Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair
The height of the armrests is adjustable according to the expectations of the users. You will easily be able to have the elevation you need to rest your hands when you get tired.
It can tilt at an angle from 90 degrees to 155 degrees in one second. It also has a locking mechanism to ensure its stability. With the headrest, the accessory cushion, and its various adjustments, this model may be the best leather office chair for gamers of the moment.

What should be considered when buying an office chair?

Before buying a leather office chair, you must be sure that it offers certain quality guarantees. The first to consider is durability. For a seat to last over time and support you every day, it must be able to support a minimum weight of 150 kg.
Then, make sure that the inclination of the seat is sufficient to be comfortable according to your morphology. Another element that you absolutely must check: is the comfort of the seat.
To do this, you can, for example, look at consumer reviews to find out if your product is really as ergonomic and comfortable as the manufacturers claim.
Finally, ask about the ease of assembling the chair. It would be a shame to buy a product and have difficulty assembling it once delivered.