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Buying Guide to Choose a Computer Desk for Work and Gaming

How To Choose A Computer Desk For Your Game Room Or Office


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A good computer desk is essential for your game room or office. Unlike some cheap gadgets, it usually lasts for years and you may want to get it right first. Investing time into finding the perfect ergonomic computer desk for your style is important.


Different computer desks work best for different purposes and circumstances. Below are the best picks we selected for you, including a gaming computer desk and an office desk. If you plan to add a new desk to a small or large space, different types of computer desks will be suitable.


Our picks: Best Computer Desks in 2022


Ergonomic manual height adjustable white desk


ergonomic white computer desk



●With four different specifications to choose from. Width 100/120cm. Height 61-68cm/76-121cm

●Non-powered design enables you to place the desk far away from the power supply if you work on a laptop

●The smooth cranking system doesn’t require a lot of effort to use


Ergonomic manual height adjustable black tempered glass desk


ergonomic tempered glass black computer desk




●With four different specifications to choose from. Width 100/120cm. Height 61-68cm/76-121cm

●Spacious desk surface is good for both gaming computer desk or business desk

●Built with keyboard tray and wire hole to keep everything well organized

●Metal legs combined with black tempered glass table-top, easy to clean and maintain


Maple wood color desk with L-shaped legs


L-shaped legs computer desk





●With two different specifications available. Width 100/120cm. Fixed Height 60cm

●Two adjustable leg pads stabilize the desk on all surfaces

●White frame legs matched with maple wood color desk-top present a pleasant color scheme


IKEA MICKE small computer desk

micke corner desk





●Come with drawers and small cabinets for storing documents easily

●The compact corner desk can fit in a small corner space nicely

●Equipped with a cable outlet and magnetic board to facilitate your work


6 Questions to ask before choosing an ideal computer desk


When choosing the right computer desk for your personal needs, think about the below 6 questions first. We break down each answer in a bit more detail for you. They may not give you a specific answer, but at least maximize your benefits when investing in purchasing the right computer desk. Read on to get the tips that help you to make the purchasing decision confidently and efficiently.


Ergonomics - Are you valuing ergonomics?


The first place to start is ergonomics. As you will be sitting at the computer desk for hours on working or gaming, if you want to work comfortably and stay both physically and mentally healthy, always consider the ergonomics of your computer desk selection.


The ergonomic computer desks typically come with a wide adjustable height range that allows you to switch your posture from sitting to standing whenever you like. This will help avoid strain on certain parts of your body caused by remaining long in one particular posture.


Besides, some ergonomic computer desk has an adjustable keyboard tray to maximize user comfort and efficiency while working or gaming. However, an ergonomic computer desk is truly great, but it’s usually more expensive than a standard computer desk. Whether to get ergonomic is up to your personal needs.


Cost - What’s your budget?


The main consideration in choosing a suitable computer desk is how much it will cost. If you do not have a budget limit, then, skip this tip. Otherwise, sit down and start thinking about what you are looking for and identify the minimum and maximum amount you want to spend.


A clear budget will help in your search for the right computer desk because it narrows down your choice to a smaller select range. Avoid you being distracted by advertising hype. Thus, setting a budget before starting shopping is an efficient use of time. 


You must have heard “you get what you pay for.” This is especially true when it comes to furniture. For setting the budget for a computer desk, $200~$1000 would be a reasonable range for most people. You can set a more specific range based on personal situation. 


Storage - Do you need storage?


This question would be simple to answer. Being able to store items on the desk is not bad. And the more space for storage, the better. Many computer desks have built-in storage, including drawers, cabinets, and shelves.


But planning your storage needs is difficult. Should you get plenty of small drawers or a few larger drawers? Do you want to sacrifice drawers for some cabinets?

Guess each one would have different answers. That’s great! The questions are aimed at leading every individual to find the right one.


Size - What size do you want for the desk?


While with many different sizes of desks available on the market and you may find it hard to start, it’s easy to settle. The best option for your computer desk will depend on two things: the items you plan to keep on the desk (surface area) and how much space you have for the desk.


Regarding the surface area, we suggest the bigger, the better. Why? Whether doing work or playing video games, the larger usable area will make for a much more comfortable and efficient experience. Especially, some people like to work on two screens simultaneously: laptop and monitor. The sizable monitor and accessories will need sufficient surface area to set up. 


Another critical consideration is to identify the space you have for setting up the computer desk. You need to plan about where to place the desk and measure the capacity of the space. It will be easy to work out the maximum available size.


Shape - Which style do you prefer?


The shape of a computer desk is also an extremely important consideration. The traditional rectangular or square office desks are very common, but they are not the only option. Except for your taste and the interior design, some practical specific features also should be considered when making the decision.


For example, if space-saving is the number one concern for you. An L-shaped desk or small computer desk such as a corner desk would be a great choice. You can fit it in the corner of the room without any wasted space.


If you have a large room to set up the computer desk. A U-shaped desk might be for you. And it’s actually multiple desks in one. The wraparound shape of U-shape desks makes them great desks for designers or accountants who need extra desk spaces to accommodate their papers or documents. 


Material - What kind of material do you prefer?


The material of the computer desk is a big decision. The main material options on the market are manufactured wood, natural wood, particle board, glass, and metal. 


If you have the budget, go with natural wood. They will last for a long time and are pleasing to the eye. If not, the manufactured wood desks would be a nice alternative.

It is a wood composite wood piece compressed and glued together. It looks similar to natural wood on the surface but much cheaper.


Metal and glass computer desks are not as usual as the wood ones in the business office, but they are still great choices. These materials can be cleaned and maintained easily. They can fit nicely in the appropriate interior designs such as industrial or even modern.


Try to avoid the particle board desk if possible. Yes, the cheap price and fancy appearance would be quite tempting, but it’s far less durable than the other materials of computer desks. Moisture and water can get into particle board material which will eventually lead to the reduction of service life.




If you keep all these aspects in mind, it won’t be hard to find the right desk for you. However, finding a computer desk that fits all your requirements is never easy. You can make a list of all your demands for your ideal desk, and identify the least and most important ones. Then it will be much easier to make the decision.