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Desk Chair Is Vital To Your Office

Find A Perfect Desk Chair For Your Office

The desk chair you sit on is as important as the mattress you sleep on. You spend lots of money on bed and mattress because you believe sleep is extremely crucial for a peaceful life. Except for the time spent in bed during the night, where do you spend the daytime?

Most of the time presumably be spent in the office and sitting in front of a desk. Just as carefully choosing a satisfying mattress, selecting a perfect desk chair requires the same attention.


Why is a good desk chair so important?

A good desk chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your office.

If you spend most of your working time sitting in the office, the uncomfortable chair may hurt your health and cause some injuries. Furthermore, it can affect your mood and productivity at work.

Good desk chairs are usually superior in material and excellent in workmanship. They can last for years and reduce replacements. Beyond that, good desk chairs will showcase the taste of your office and make a positive impression on the staff and visitors.


What type of desk chair is best for sitting for long hours?

What type of office chair is most suitable for prolonged sitting? It is a difficult question to answer because each person has individual demands. There are so many types of desk chairs on the market such as executive chairs, task chairs, and ergonomic chairs.

The ergonomic feature of a chair is getting increasingly popular as this type of desk chair can alleviate back pain, neck pain, and tiredness resulting from sitting for long hours in a fixed position.

If you usually need to sit in the office and work up to 8 hours a day, do choose the ergonomic chairs over the traditional chairs. The ergonomic desk chair is full of comfort and adjustable features that allow you to maintain the correct posture while being productive at the work. It will help prevent injuries from long periods of sitting.


Best desk chair recommendations

Spending long hours sitting in a desk chair may grow uncomfortable. If you are exploring the perfect desk chair for your office, read our selection of the best four following desk chairs.


 UE Ergonomic Chair Elite

Most ergonomic office chairs come with one-piece back support. However, the UE Ergonomic Chair’s back was divided into two parts. The back and lumbar have separate ergonomic supports. And the two parts are ganged by an exclusive X-style design to provide a higher level of comfort to the users.

UE Ergonomic Chair Elite


When you lean back in the chair, the upper part will follow the curve of your spine and the lower part will support your lumbar. The special integrated system can provide maximum comfort to you and release the repetitive stress from your workday.

Both the back and seat are made of high-quality breathable mesh. The mesh can promote air circulation for extra comfort, especially on hot summer days. In addition to this, the high-quality mesh resists abrasion and transformation. Reduce the overall weight of the chair without hindering its ability to support an impressive amount of weight.

The UE ergonomic chair can recline to a maximum of 135 degrees. But it does not mean you cannot enjoy a comfortable relaxation with it. This desk chair with arms has many adjustable options, heights, and directions of back/forward, left/right. Besides, it comes with a foot pedal which can support your feet when you are lying down to enjoy your breaks. 


 UE Ergonomic Chair Plus

The UE Ergonomic Chair Plus version has a lot in common with the Elite version. You can learn from the names that they come from the same manufacturer.

UE Ergonomic Chair Plus


The Plus version comes with one-piece ergonomic back support. The lumbar support is adjustable by 6cm up/down, and 2cm forward/back. The wide adjustment range design enables the chair to fit different body shapes and heights. And it’s quite convenient if you get the situation where multiple members share one chair. 

Besides, the armrests can be adjusted to 20 degrees, 7cm up/down, and 6.5cm forward/back. No matter if you want to lean back and catch some rest or sit straight in front of a desk to finish your task, the armrests can always be adjusted to fit your posture and offer maximum comfort.


 Hbada Office Chair-Diamond

If you are looking for an ergonomic desk chair that gets a slightly different and unique look to it. Then you may be very interested in the Hbada High Backed Diamond Series desk chair. It’s also the best-selling office chair in our selection.


Hbada Office Chair

The diamond-cut back design is quite special and stylish. But more than look pretty, it’s also a super comfortable desk chair with well-implemented ergonomic features. Unlike some other ergonomic chairs that only provide lumbar support, this diamond chair extends the ergonomic support up the entire length of the seatback. You will have proper support from the base of your spine up to your neck and head when you lean back in this chair.

Moreover, the armrests’ function is designed to be quite ingenious. The full-length padded arms will move with you as you recline in the chair. Another noteworthy detail about this chair is that it can recline to a maximum of 150 degrees, which gives you the means of shifting your position to relax between the work intervals.

Overall, it is a very good model. If you want some chairs that combine special design and a comfortable experience, it deserves a spot on your shortlist for consideration. 


 IKEA desk chair with no wheels

With so many chairs coming with wheels on the market, you might wonder why one would consider getting one without wheels. If your work does not need to move around within the working area, the IKEA desk chair with no wheels will deserve your attention.

The gently curved lines accentuated by sewn details are kind to your body and pleasant to look at. Also, there’s a tilt- and height-adjusting mechanism that’s built to outlast years of ups and downs.

IKEA desk chair with no wheels


You can lean back with perfect balance, as the tilt tension mechanism is easy to adjust with an Allen key to suit your weight and movements. Your back gets support and extra relief from the built-in lumbar support.

Thanks to the adjustable height and generous cold-foam seat, you can easily find a comfortable seating posture. Except, the no wheels design makes the desk chair lightweight and easy to assemble. 


Few Final Words

A good desk chair should facilitate productivity and comfort whether you are working from home or in the office. Finding a perfect desk chair for your office is not easy but necessary. After all, it’s the longest thing you are going to spend time with during your workdays.