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Ergonomic - It Matters for Your Workplace Safety and Health

Get A Better Working Experience With Ergonomic Solutions


Ergonomic furniture is easy to be overlooked when considering potential hazards that exist in the workplace. That’s because the injuries caused by poor ergonomics usually develop over time and are not as obvious as some instant dangers such as falls from heights or dangerous chemicals. But it can also lead to serious health problems if left uncontrolled. 


It’s common to see ads about ergonomic products for office setup when surfing the Internet or shopping in malls. The question may cross your mind: Is ergonomics a marketing hype or does it truly impact the workday as the ads claimed? Discovering the truth behind it may convince you to set up a better workspace.


What is ergonomics?


According to the International Ergonomics Association, it is defined as follows: 


'Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with understanding interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data, and methods to design to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.'


More specifically, ergonomics is the scientific study of designing proper workplaces to serve people efficiently and safely. It aims to prevent soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused by sudden or sustained exposure to force, repetitive movements or awkward body posture happened in work.


Ergonomics aims to design products to fit people’s physical capabilities and limitations, making sure that employees’ needs for safe and efficient work are satisfied in the design of organization systems. In other words, it promotes to creation an ergonomically sound work environment for people. 


ergonomic office


Why is ergonomics so important?


Ergonomic furniture is crucial, especially for those who spend most of their working time in the office. Poor setups in the office can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as tendonitis, lower back pain, carpal tunnel, etc. 


An ergonomic station workstation will help you sit comfortably even over long stints. Office furniture comes with ergonomic features that enable users to achieve a custom fit to keep healthy. Read on to learn more about the amazing benefits of these kinds of office furniture.


Support Posture-The purpose of ergonomic office furniture is to provide natural support for your body’s curves. Ergonomic chairs and desks allow you to align your spine naturally by providing proper support that reduces muscle pain and strains, ensuring proper posture.


Reduce Neck and Back Problems- The most common health problems experienced by employees in the workplace are neck and lower back pain. Ergonomic office chairs feature backrests and headrests that can provide proper support for your head, shoulders, and entire back.


Provide Comfort- Ergonomic office furniture is highly adjustable to provide all-day comfort to those using them. Ergonomic desks and chairs usually come with a wide range of adjustments, such as angles, heights, support, etc. You can adjust each available part to find the most suitable options and get maximum comfort.


Improve Productivity- Suffering from aches and pains may result in distraction. You will be able to focus better on the task at hand when you are comfortable and in less pain. So, if you apply ergonomic office furniture to the workspace, your employees can be more productive and efficient when it comes to getting their work done.


Boost Morale- Comfortable and supportive office furniture leads to happy and healthy employees. With less pain physically and a happier feeling mental, they will be more satisfied with the working environment and tend to work harder. Besides, ergonomic office furniture also provides unrivaled comfort to employees, keeping them motivated all day.


In summary, good ergonomic office furniture not only provide a safe work environment to the employees but also increase their competence and comfort, as well as helps improve their productivity. Incorporating this furniture into your office is crucially important. It can influence the success of your business to a certain extent.


How to apply ergonomics in the workplace?


Ergonomics combines different ideas to make the workspace facilitate the work better. Implementing ergonomic solutions in the workplace can make employees more comfortable and increase productivity. Keep reading to learn how to apply it in the workplace to improve your business.


1. Employ ergonomic chairs in your office


The office chair would be used the most during your working day. You may experience discomfort after sitting for a long time. The ergonomic chair can help ease lower back pain and keep joints in a neutral position by giving support to the spine and promoting a sitting posture. 


Moreover, these chairs usually feature a variety of adjustments. As a result, users will have plenty of options to make chairs fit their body type: straighten the back for work or recline the back for rest with the most comfortable style.


Ready to give your office a makeover? Get started with the ergonomic chairs. Take a look at the selected albums below and pick the one you like best.


UE Ergonomic Chair (Black)


UE Ergonomic Chair Plus (Black)
UE Ergonomic Chair Elite (Black)

2. Choose ergonomic desks for your office


Spending too much time in one position, either sitting or standing, can lead to potential injury. The ergonomic desks feature adjustable heights, also called sit-stand desks, they can benefit employees by enabling them to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Providing variety can reduce stress-related injuries.


Besides, each person is at different heights. The standard desks may be good for partial people while bad for some others. Using ergonomic office desks means your employees will be able to adjust freely based on their height and working habits.


If you usually feel eye strain and backache at work, it’s time to look for some premium height adjustable desks. Below is the finest collection we can offer to you.


Manual Height Adjustable Desk - White Colour Desktop
Manual Height Adjustable Desk - Natural Colour Desktop
Manual Height Adjustable Desk - Black Tempered Glass Desktop

3. Practice other workplace ergonomic solutions


Apart from ergonomic office furniture, there are still some other solutions you can apply in your workplace. And all these practices are aimed at reducing distress and making your work easy. Follow the basic principles to get a better working experience.


●The keyboard and mouse should be at the same level and in a position where your wrists can remain straight.

●Monitors should be set up approximately one arm's length away from the users and directly in front of them.

●The users’ eyes should be level with the top third of the screen and make sure the neck is in the neutral position when viewing the screen

●Installing a docking station at an adjustable workstation if using a mobile device like a laptop

●Using a speakerphone or headset to free your hands if the work involves a lot of phone calls




Ergonomics is a science concerned with the ‘fit’ between people and their work. It aims to improve workspaces and the environment to minimize the risk of injury or harm. Arranging the workspace with ergonomic solutions will increase comfort, productivity, and overall well-being.


You are just one step away from creating a better work environment for you and your co-workers. Take the chance to visit Officego solutions to learn how you can implement a top-notch ergonomic process in less time and with less hassle.