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Gaming Chair-Level Up Your Play

Use A Gaming Chair To Get a Better Game Experience


With the rising influence of Twitch and other online game streaming websites, the gaming chairs get a surge in popularity. Sitting at a computer and playing games for hours attracted many streamers and Youtubers to purchase a gaming chair.

A gaming chair is a perfect solution for gamers who spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens while playing video games. It can help prevent fatigue and allow you to enjoy longer game sessions without getting tired. Read this article to choose your preferred gaming chair and get a better game experience.


1. What is a gaming chair?

The gaming chair is a type of chair designed for comfort and a good experience for gamers. They resemble office chairs but include a headrest, lumbar and shoulder support, as well as adjustable armrests.

They differ from most office chairs in having racing-style bucket seats and multi-color design. Since they were first developed for racing games, so most gaming chairs are designed to mimic a car seat for aesthetics and make gaming feel more immersive.


2. Gaming chair VS. Ergonomic chair: What are the differences?

The gaming chair and the ergonomic chair share a lot of similarities. Both of them include lumbar support, adjustable reclined angles, adjustable headrests, adjustable height, sliding seat pan, and the ability to position armrests freely.

While the two are intended for individual purposes to serve the best in different circumstances, so they would differ in some aspects. Learn the differences between them and find the right chair for your setup.

Appearance. The two types of chairs look very different. The gaming chairs are usually designed in colorful patterns and can be in every spectrum color. Most ergonomic chairs only combine one or two plain colors like black, grey, white, etc.

Backrest. An ergonomic chair has a small range of recline angles with the backrest, while a gaming chair will allow for a much fuller recline. So if you often lean back to rest, the gaming chair would be the winner. Besides, it opts for a higher backrest than the standard ergonomic chair, which will offer better overall back support and protect your privacy on screen meanwhile.

Material. Gaming chairs are covered by faux leather, which looks great visually and is durable for use. The common ergonomic chairs may be leather or mesh to fit different demands or preferences.

Addition. Some gaming chairs may offer great extra additions such as Bluetooth speakers or vibration. Ergonomic chairs are normally simple chairs for sitting, with no extra functions.

Beyond that, here below is the summary comparison table on the main functional differences between a gaming chair and an ergonomic chair.


  Gaming Chair

  Ergonomic Chair


Fixed with extra cushion





Seat Pan

Bucket Seat

Flat Seat

Seat Edge

Often raised

Waterfall Shape

Backrest Recline

High Degree of Recline

Low to High

Lumbar Support

Detachable Pillows

Fixed or Adjustable Lumbar


3D or Higher

2D or Higher



3. Why should you buy a gaming chair?


You may experience back, neck, and shoulder pain after a long gaming session. It does not mean you should give up your favorite video games or shorten your gaming periods. Buying a good one that provides the right support will help alleviate your body pain.

Good gaming chairs usually come with many ergonomic features and an impressive look that will help you get the best gaming experience. If you are still not sure why you should choose to purchase one over an ordinary chair, let's walk you through some benefits and help you make the decision.




One of the main benefits is comfort. Most gaming chairs of today are designed ergonomically. They can offer good support to your lumbar and up the back through to your head and neck. Moreover, a good gaming chair is well-padded in both the seat and the back, plus armrests and pillows, which will increase your overall comfort.


Improve game experience


Some gaming chairs have built-in speakers and vibrators. These functions can enhance your gaming experience. Aforementioned, most of them have an impressive look and multi-color appearance, which will help you be more immersed while playing games.


More concentrated 


The ergonomic gaming chairs may help you be comfortable for long hours through the ergonomic features. So, you do not need to interrupt your game and get some stretch to relax your dead legs or sore neck after a long time sitting. This may improve your concentration and reaction time.




Even if you don’t play video games frequently, the gaming chair still can make it worth your money. Since a good chair usually works well for a range of functions, you can adjust it to make it work as an office chair, or a great lounge chair for reading or watching TV.


4. Best gaming chairs in 2022


Finding the perfect gaming chair for your gaming activities can be challenging. There are a lot of factors to consider when comes to making a decision. Below we list three of the best on the market for your easy reference.


Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair

It is a Razer DXRacer Special Edition gaming chair. Razer™ brand - the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers. DXRacer brand - #1 gaming chair brand.

This co-branded chair is an upgrade version, which will give you a luxury feeling and enhance your gaming experience. It has collection value and is very popular in the global gaming and esports communities.


Razer DXRacer gaming chair




• Chair Cover Material: Polyurethane Leather

• Frame: Metal

• Base: 5-star Inlaid Color Bar Base

• Armrests: 3D

• Gas Lift Specification: 100/15 (SP/0313/N)

• Gas Lift Class: 4

• Foam Type: High-Density Mold Shaping Foam

• Adjustable Back Angle: 155°

• Adjustable Lumbar Cushion: Yes

• Adjustable Headrest: Yes


Main Feature


Soft foam cushions

Built-in tilt mechanism

Star-Shaped Aluminum Casters


Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series Gaming Chair


Extract the best of the Secretlab OMEGA 2020 and TITAN 2020 to put them all in one gaming chair. The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 combines multiple proprietary technologies and design innovations for a new level of personalized support and performance.

Secretlab gaming chair





• Chair Cover Material: PU Leather

• Frame: Metal

• Base: Snug-Fit Seat Base

• Armrests: 4D

• Gas Lift Class: 4

• Foam Type: Memory Foam

• Adjustable Back Angle: 165°

• Adjustable Lumbar Cushion: Yes

• Adjustable Headrest: Yes


Main Feature


High-grade upholstery

Full-metal internal mechanism

XL PU Casters



DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair

As its name applies, the DXRacer King Series is designed to be the gaming throne. The design inspiration comes from the case that all gamers want to win and sit on a throne, so this gaming chair has a larger size than usual. Both the seat base and backrest are made 15% larger to offer a higher level of comfort for the users. 

DXRacer gaming chair




• Chair Cover Material: PVC Leather

• Frame: Metal

• Base: 27.5" Wide Aluminum Base

• Armrests: 4D

• Gas Lift Specification: 80/40;75mm (G1-01-N0-80(40)mm )

• Gas Lift Class: 4

• Foam Type: High-Density Mold Shaping Foam

• Adjustable Back Angle: 135°

• Adjustable Lumbar Cushion: Yes

• Adjustable Headrest: Yes


Main Feature


High-grade upholstery

Multi-function tilt mechanism

Anti-scratch PU casters


5. Frequent Asked Questions about the gaming chairs


  • Why are gaming chairs so expensive?


Gaming chairs are expensive because they are designed to be highly comfortable and adjustable compared to a standard desk chair. Besides, gaming chairs contain a lot of parts and use a lot of materials in their production. All these factors will increase the cost of producing a good chair.



  • Can I use a gaming chair for office work?


Yes, You can use a gaming chair for your home or business office. It can provide comfort to you through its ergonomic features. However, it has limited adjustability compared to a regular ergonomic office chair because some gaming chairs sacrifice comfort for style. If you usually sit for more than 8 hours consistently in front of a desk, office chairs would serve you better.



  • Is a gaming chair worth it?


The gaming chair can help alleviate the body pain from a long time sitting and a qualified ergonomic gaming chair can last 5+ years, so it is worth your investment.



  • Why do gaming chairs come with wings?


The wings are a unique feature of gaming chairs which may add some Cool elements to the chair. Most of them have wings that can help put your back in a specific position and correct your posture. In addition, if you feel tired and want to lean against either side to get some rest, the wings will help support your head and provide better comfort.


Bottom Line


If you are a hardcore gamer, having a comfortable chair is essential for achieving good performance and for protecting your back. A quality gaming chair is an excellent investment if you often sit for long periods. But there are no one-size-fits-all gaming chairs available on the market. Your personal preference should matter most when you make the purchasing decision.


Razer, the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers, partnering with the world's #1 gaming chair brand DXRacer, meticulously preparing a perfect chair for enthusiastic gamers around the world - the Razer X DXRacer gaming chair. It combines the strengths of two world-renowned brands, so let it be your best pick.


Last but not the least, no matter what chair you choose, there is nothing more important than taking regular breaks away from sitting. Take 5~10 minutes for every one hour, stand up and move around to catch some rest. It would be beneficial for both your back and eyes and improve your efficiency as well.