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Is An Ergonomic Desk Worth Your Money?

What is an Ergonomic Desk and Do You Need it?

With an increasing number of office staff starting to be concerned about their healthy lifestyle in the workplace, providing ergonomic desks to employees became the fastest-growing wellness benefits trend according to a survey of HR professionals recently. Is an ergonomic desk worth it? Keep reading to learn more about the ergonomic desk.


How does the ergonomic desk come?

The debate between sitting desks and standing desks have been in full swing during the past years.
As you have heard enough warnings about the dangers of sitting too much. Yes, the sedentary posture is bad for your health, working in fixed and even stiff sitting positions for years can suffer a range of health complaints and workplace injuries, such as pain, strain, or discomfort in the shoulder, neck, back, or problems with vision.

Traditional Office Desk


Traditional office desk

Thus quite a few hold the idea that standing desks are a good way to counteract the negative health impacts of sitting in a crouched position all day. While some research has shown that too much standing may be almost as bad as sitting all day throughout work.
Finding a balance between sitting and standing is a great way to improve your productivity and general health. This can be done by incorporating a standing desk into a general sitting desk. That's the initial intention of how ergonomic desk comes.
So, are ergonomic desks the best way to go? And do ergonomic desks at the workplace worth the investment? Those who enjoy it would build it up as a pleasant relief from the heavy work, while others think it's just a product from the advertising trick.
Let’s dig into it to see whether it makes a real achievement or just commercial hype.


What’s an ergonomic desk?

As the name ergonomic desk applies, it’s an ergonomic-friendly desk in office furniture, which can make you more comfortable throughout the workdays. An ergonomic desk at the workplace is also the basis of creating an efficient work environment.

the sitting mode and stand mode of an ergonomic desk


Popularly speaking, an ergonomic desk is designed to shorten the time you spend sitting down during your working hours. Rather than sedentary posture all day, you can raise the height and adjust the tilt angle of the ergonomic desk to switch to a standing posture anytime you want.

It’s also known as an adjustable desk or Sit-Stand desk. You can set your preferred height to make good use of the desk regardless of how tall you are, this may help minimize back and shoulder strain.


Why should you choose an ergonomic desk?

For answering this question, you need to figure out the benefits of ergonomic desks first.

For the users of traditional office desks, sitting in a static position, typing every day while staring at a screen with little to no movement can cause you to put additional strain on your wrists and even cause your eyes to hurt.

Research into this issue has shown that sedentary behavior will increase the risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and some musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain shoulder pain, etc.

While opting for a standing desk makes it possible for you to stretch and perform some exercises while you get through your work. the standing desk can indeed drive focus and improve posture, many famous writers and politicians such as Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Darwin, etc. like to work on standing desks.

Some advocates also think it’s good for obesity problems. But this is not the perfect way for everyone, especially for some who have knee problems, since prolonged standing can put extra stress on the knees and hip joints, as well as bring some unpredictable fatigue if you have been accustomed to sitting throughout the workday.

The best approach is to vary your posture throughout the workday.

If you have been sitting for an hour, it’s best to get up and move around. That's how the ergonomic desk comes. The flexibility of the sit-stand desk gives users a chance to change things up and fulfill their work efficiently, you can sit down to do some creative thinking, and solve complex problems while standing up to finish some tasks that require deep concentration like emails or phones.

Apart from health benefits, the availability of ergonomic desks has a direct impact on office worker productivity.

A survey on this issue showed that the employees who use sit-stand desks at the call center were 46% more productive than the staff who sat all day. There have been many reports from users of ergonomic desks that their efficiency has drastically improved.

three adjustable heights of an ergonomic desk


Are there any pros and cons of an ergonomic desk?

Definitely. Every coin has two sides, and the sit-stand desk is without exception.

If you are still a little in the dark about whether to get the ergonomic desk, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with choosing you may need to consider before making the final decision either way.



 ● Maintain concentration

● Boost productivity

● Increase the quality of work

 ● Alleviate some aches and pains that are caused by working in poor ergonomic conditions

  ● Boost mood and be able to work for extended periods due to a more comfortable workspace



● Ergonomic office furniture is often more expensive than standard versions

● A poor-quality ergonomic option may cause more bad effects than good ones.

● The sit-stand desk usually has more moving mechanical parts which make it less easy to install

● It can take some time to get used to the new way of working when you start to make the change

standing mode of the ergonomic desk



Like most other purchases, the decision should include many factors. Before opting for the cheapest option simply based on cost, remember that ergonomic office furniture is an investment in long-term health.

According to the advocates of the sit-stand desk, if you are a user of the traditional sitting desk and want to try the new ergonomic desk at the workplace, please slowly build up the amount of time standing can make the transition more comfortable. While there may be a short-term adjustment period, the long-term benefits of the ergonomic desk are well worth it.

We also got tips from the users of sit-stand desks that when you’re standing, be sure to use an anti-fatigue mat that can support your best circulation and minimize aches and pains.

Last, let’s get back to the original question: Is an ergonomic desk worth the investment?

A survey shows that for those who usually spend 5 hours or more at the desk every day, it's worth it! Not only the sit-stand desk can improve the quality of life you experience while working, but also the right ergonomic solution will help prevent issues like back pain or metabolic problems from occurring later in your life.