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Office Desk You Will Love in 2022 For A Home Office

Office Desk You Will Love in 2022 For A Home Office

The breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives over the past years, from the way how we communicate, shop, and get educated to how we work. No matter whether you like it or not, we have all been forced to embrace the new changes. Therefore, building a comfortable home office is essential for work efficiency and productivity. Read below to find an office desk you will want to bring it home.

 Working with an office desk


What’s the best type of office desk?

Everyone wants to take the BEST whenever facing a choice. The best one should be the most suitable one. Everybody has a unique combination of style, preferences, and needs, so the best type of office desk is tailored to vary for different people.

Here below we list the most common office desk types on the market for you to choose the best one of your own.

 ● Writing desk- small and meant for light use

 ● Foldable desk- perfect for temporary desk needs and can easily be stored

 ● Executive desk- large enough for working on complex tasks

 ● Floating desk- installed directly onto the wall

 ● Secretary desk- designed with cubbies and storage

 ● Computer desk- large and perfect for intensive computer users

 ● Standing desk / Ergonomic Desk - designed with adjustable height


How to choose an office desk for home?

Whether you have a room or just a corner of your studio to spare, an office desk is typically the main piece of furniture for your home office. It’s the primary focus of the room and thus deserves your special attention and sound consideration when you are about to buy one. 

The office desk for a home should be more than just a landing pad for your computer. It’s better to consider your daily working needs and keep usability in mind while browsing your desk options. The right office desk will not only help improve your productivity at home but also makes you feel good and comfortable.

The following questions will guide you to decide easily. 


1. How much space do you have for the office desk?

There must be many different places you can put the desk in your home office, so be sure to measure the space available in advance. 

It’s very important to figure out the available size range of the desk before purchasing one. Bet you never want to experience the headache of squashing an oversized desk into the improper space. 

Besides, the proper size ratio of furniture inside the room would increase the appeal and make you feel good.


2. What’s the basic functionality you need for the home office desk?

If you work on a laptop, an office desk with a large surface will be fine. While if you mainly use a desktop computer, consider choosing a design with enough space for the monitor and mouse, as well as the keyboard tray and wiring holes.


3. What’s your preference for the surface material?

There are three mainstream desk materials on the market and each one has its advantages.

The wood surface provides a classic and timeless look, the glass surface opens the space and reflects light to make the room feel more spacious during its transparency, while the metal surface is durable and resistant to scuffs, as well as conveys a clean and modern vibe. 


4. What aesthetic you are going for regarding the office desk?

If your home office is located in a corner of the living room or guest room, the office desk’s color and style you choose should be sympathetic to the overall décor of the room. Therefore, you will have a lot more flexibility with the choice of desk design if you have a dedicated room to work as the home office. 


5. What’s the budget range you can accept?

Office desk pricing spans a wide range. It can vary from $100 to $2000, the amount of how much you are willing to pay for the office desk can narrow down your choices and help you make the decision easier when browsing thousands of options. You might also want to have an office chair along with the desk. Keep in mind that the office desk is a long-term investment when making the budget plan.

Apart from that, your profession is also a vital indicator for choosing the office desk for home. When shopping for a new home office desk, always keep in mind what type of work you will be doing at the desk and how would your daily work routine fits into your desk. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a designer, or a technologist, your office desk needs to be designed to suit the nature of your work and make your job easier and smoother.


The office desk you may love in 2022

After reviewing all the above information, you may get to know more about what an office desk is suitable for you, and where we’d like to make some recommendations.

If you are lucky enough to have a whole room for your home office and looking for a stylish desk to show your elegance, the L-shape office desk from Officego would be a nice option. 

L shape office desk

There are two sizes of the desk surface to meet different preferences: 100cmx60cm and 120cmx60cm. The large surface leaves ample room for you to get the computer and accessories organized. And the classic maple wood material is strong and hard, requires low care, and is very easy to maintain. The L-shape designed legs of the office desk add durability and fashionable style to your workspace. 

For a smaller house or rented accommodation, you may prefer a small and compact workstation, the folding office desk from Officego would be a perfect solution. The foldable desk is also great for temporary desk needs or desks that need to be moved around often. The easy folding design allows you to fold or unfold the desk at any time as needed. It has a surface that can easily fold down into a thin piece, you may store it inside a closet or squeeze it in any gap available.

folding office desk

If you prefer some extra space to store office supplies and files, the office desk with drawers from IKEA may be the most suitable. Made from solid wood, two colors for your option- classic black and white, the desk is built with two drawers and one small closet. It fits anywhere you need a place to sit down and focus – also has a finished back and you can choose to mount the drawer unit to the right or left side.

Office desk with drawers IKEA

Bottom line

Dedicated office space at home can contribute greatly to helping you maintain a strong work-life balance, getting a suitable office desk for the home can enhance your focus and productivity. Finding the perfect desk to fulfill all your requirements is never an easy task, hope this article may do a little help you in the way of making the purchase decision.