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Laptop Stand - Solution for Your Ergonomic Workplace

Use a Laptop Stand to Create an Ergonomic Workplace


Nowadays, a laptop is an essential part of our working life. It is designed to be light and portable so that most of us would prefer to work on a laptop rather than a traditional desktop computer, especially for those who are usually on business trips. But if you usually spend as much as 3 hours per day in front of a computer, the laptop stand is a must-have!  


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Why should you buy a laptop stand?

The laptop benefits us a lot in the work. It allows you to carry out computer tasks practically anywhere network available - at your desk, the coffee shop, the conference room, etc. But while the laptops offer the freedom of work location, the design of a laptop doesn’t make it a great ergonomic choice for long working hours. 


As a result, people tend to hunch over when working on a laptop, which can lead to muscle strain and pain in the upper back, neck, shoulder, hands, wrists, and arms. Luckily, the market always has a solution where there is a problem. A great way to help improve the situation is using a laptop stand. You will be able to adjust the laptop to maintain better ergonomics.


What are the practical benefits of using a laptop stand?


A laptop stand is a simple handy piece of kit that can be easily ignored. But its benefits are immense from an ergonomic standpoint. Here are some of the great practical benefits of using a laptop stand in the work.


Offer the right viewing height


The laptop stand is designed to add height and support to your laptop. It usually comes with some adjustable features that allow you to adjust the height and angle of your laptop. This means you can watch the screen at eye level without adjusting your desk and chair when working in front of the computer. Also, some portable laptop stands can be stuck on the bottom of your laptop so that you can enjoy the right viewing height even on the move.


Save neck pain


You may tend to recline the upper body forward while sitting in front of the desk to see the screen more clearly. This posture could lead to health issues such as muscle strain, neck pain, etc. With the adjustable laptop stand, you can bring your laptop closer to your eyes without inclining the body. It helps correct your upper posture, and keep your neck and spine in a straight position to reduce the strain.


Improve typing ergonomics


You may need to stretch your forearm awkwardly to type if your laptop is placed at eye-level height without the assistance of a laptop stand. Not surprisingly you will endure annoying wrist pain and hand fatigue after long hours of working. Laptop stands are great for improving your typing posture. They keep your wrists straight and your elbows close to your body, making typing easier and more comfortable.


Prevent laptop from overheating


Laptops are more likely to overheat than traditional desktop computers. That’s because the laptops are designed to be compact and thin, so the hardware components must be closely fitted together. By raising the height of your laptop and keeping it above your desk to create an air gap between the device’s base and the solid surface below it, the laptop stand can boost air circulation around the device and keep it cooler for longer.


Increase comfort and productivity


There are some moments when you can’t move your chair and adjust your desk to find a comfortable position to use your laptop for a long. A laptop stand makes this easy to fix. As previously mentioned, you can adjust the stand to put your laptop at the perfect height and angle to get maximum comfort.


Working in a comfortable position increases the speed and accuracy of your job. Thus, a laptop stand will also boost your productivity because of better ergonomics and less strain on your body for long hours of use. Meantime, it can minimize overheating to enhance the performance of your computer and enable the processor runs more efficiently.


The best laptop stands for 2022

Investing in a good laptop holder is worth trying if you work on a laptop. Having the right laptop stand can make work more comfortable. Need some options? Here below are the two best laptop stands we offer for your reference.


Loctek Sit Standing Desk – M2S

Loctek M2S standing desk



The M2S desk converter is essentially a double-tiers laptop stand. The wonder of it is that you can manage up to two screens at the same time. The base tier can be pulled in for folding or pulled out for holding the extra laptop or keyboard.

The size of the top layer is 68*59cm, and the base tier is 66*32cm. The heights can be adjusted from 14cm to 50 cm, enabling you to switch sit or stand posture freely without changing the desk. It’s a great converter to help you maintain better ergonomics when working on a laptop.


Loctek Sit Standing Desk – M9S

Loctek M9S standing desk


The M9S and the M2S share some similarities in appearance, including the same dual-tier design. But the M9S is larger and has better performance. The gas spring offers smooth and even support, with 12 available height adjustment options.

Straight up and down movement minimizes space requirement and provides enhanced stability. Moreover, it supports up to 40lbs, so if you usually work on multiple heavy monitors, the M9S would be the best pick.




As a laptop user, you can easily create a healthy and comfortable workspace that meets occupational health and safety standards by using a laptop stand. It’s one of the easiest ways to protect your health and improve your quality of life.