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Hbada Gaming Chair - Storm (Black - Grey)


Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair


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Discover the perfect gaming chair for your needs - from comfort to style, find everything you need to game in ultimate comfort.

Gaming chairs are a great way to boost your performance and stay comfortable playing your favorite games. With ergonomic designs, soft cushioning and adjustable features, you can get the support you need for hours of gaming.

Whether you're looking for an office chair to use while playing your computer games or a comfortable gaming chair specifically designed for gaming, Office Go has the perfect chairs to fit your needs.

How do you choose a gaming chair?

Here are the things to keep in mind while selecting a gaming chair:

  1. How much time do you spend on the gaming chair

    Think about how frequently you plan to use the gaming chair. If you are an avid gamer or streamer who spends hours each day in front of your computer, it's worth investing in a higher-end model with more features and adjustable settings.

  2. Material

    Consider the gaming chair material - leather gives a touch of luxury, while the mesh is ideal for hot environments. Choose the material that best meets your comfort needs.

  3. Ergonomic features

    Make sure the chair gives you good adjustable lumbar support and adjustable settings, so you can adjust it to fit your body shape perfectly. Also, look out for reclining chairs that give you a restful break.

  4. Price

    Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Make sure you get the best gaming chair for your money.

What size gaming desk do I need?

The size of a gaming desk depends on the chair you will use, how many monitors and devices you plan to place on it, and your budget. Generally speaking, larger desks are better for long-term comfort and ergonomics. For most gamers, a standard rectangular or L-shaped desk should be enough. If you plan to use a gaming chair with armrests, you will need an even larger desk.

Do gaming chairs make a difference?

Yes, gaming chairs can be incredibly beneficial for gamers. Whether you're a casual gamer or an avid PC gamer, investing in a good gaming chair will greatly improve your performance and comfort.

They provide better ergonomic support and comfort than traditional office chairs, helping you stay focused and perform at your best. Gaming chairs also come with adjustable features that allow you to customize the fit and height of the chair so you can achieve the perfect posture while gaming.

What is the Best Gaming Chair?

Razer X DXRacer Gaming Chair and Hbada Gaming Chair - Storm (Black - Grey)

are two of the best gaming chairs you can have! Both chairs are ergonomically designed and feature adjustable settings for optimal comfort. The Razer X DXRacer chair has a durable steel frame and built-in lumbar support, while the Hbada Gaming Chair comes with an adjustable footrest to relax while gaming.

Which Gaming Desk Should You Buy?

The best gaming desk for you will depend on your budget, the size of your chair and how many devices you plan to use. If you need a lot of space, consider an L-shaped or a corner desk with plenty of surface area. Alternatively, a smaller rectangular desk may be more suitable if your room has limited space.

Where to Get the Best Gaming Chairs in the UK?

Office Go is the perfect place to shop for the best gaming chairs in the UK! Our stylish gaming chairs come in various materials, sizes and prices so you can find one that suits your needs. Also, you can get chairs with armrests, backrest, adjustability, and the best upholstery. From high-end racing chairs to budget-friendly models, we have something for everyone.


Are gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, gaming chairs are definitely worth the investment. Not only do they provide better ergonomics and comfort, but they also help reduce fatigue and improve concentration levels while gaming. Comfort is key in gaming, so a good gaming chair is essential to get the best performance out of your setup.

How much is a gaming chair?

The price of a gaming chair depends on its features and quality. Most good gaming chairs cost between £100 to £500, with higher-end models costing up to £1000.

What is the best gamer chair long-term?

The best gaming chair for long-term comfort has adjustable features and good lumbar support. Look out for chairs with a footrest and reclining options to ensure you get the best ergonomics and posture.

How should you sit in a gaming chair?

When sitting for long hours of gaming session, you should ensure that your back is straight and supported. Your head should be slightly tilted forward, and your feet should rest flat on the floor. Avoid slouching or hunching over to ensure maximum comfort and support for your body.

Are gaming chairs comfortable for studying?

Yes, gaming chairs can be comfortable for studying. The adjustable features of a gaming chair allow you to achieve the perfect posture while studying, and its ergonomic design helps reduce strain on your neck, back and shoulders. Most PC gaming chairs also have a footrest that can help you relax while studying.

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Yes, gaming chairs are comfy for your back. The adjustable features and built-in lumbar support of a gaming chair help promote good posture while sitting and keep your spine properly aligned. Gaming chairs also help reduce strain on your neck, shoulders and other muscles, which can help prevent long-term back pain.

How do you make a gaming chair more comfortable?

To make a gaming chair more comfortable, ensure it fits your body properly and adjust the settings to suit your needs. Add a cushion or lumbar support if necessary, and look for chairs with adjustable armrests so you can find the perfect position. Invest in an ergonomic footrest that can help reduce strain on your legs and feet. Or look for a breathable fabric gaming chair.

Should you get a gaming chair or an office chair?

It depends on what you plan to use the chair for. If you plan to game for long periods, a gaming chair is recommended as it offers more features and ergonomic designs than an office chair. However, if you use the chair mainly for work, an office chair may be better suited to your needs.